Recommendation for a woman about sex

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Sex is one of the most important aspects of relationships between man and woman. In addition, it is not so easy to understand how to act correctly. Here I have some recommendations for woman how to do everything perfectly.

Do not simulate an orgasm

Remember that you never need to simulate an orgasm, especially if it is not the first sex with your husband. You have to be careful, try to not to overdo it. You do not have to pretend when in fact everything is trembling inside. Just show your feelings and emotions. If you try too hard, then your husband will feel uncomfortable.

Forget about your appearance

If a girl does not like her face, then she will feel very uncomfortable even when she has sex. Man does not like when their girlfriend is very scared of them. You have to be confident. If a man truly wants to spend a night with you, he will not take into consideration small defects in your appearance. But you should look after your appearance. The rules are simple. Do not forget about the epilator. A woman should have a minimum amount of hair on her skin, especially in those places where it is necessary to act actively. In man’s opinion, hair can be on only on a head and on eyebrows. All other parts of your body should be perfectly clean, without any unnecessary details.

Do not be silent

Everyone chooses for himself a type of behavior during sex. But, despite this, you need to talk, to share thoughts and feelings with each other. Of course, do not speak any nonsense; focus on the best sides of your partner. Do not forget to whisper to him different beautiful words. You may say that he is the best, charming and just very sexual. This little trick will make you a good woman in the eyes of your husband.

Now you know the answer to the question of what to do during sex. Do not forget to listen to your partner, to give him warmth. In this case, you will become the best wife for your husband.