Oral sex is good for woman’s health

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Not everyone thinks that oral sex is something good for people’s sexual life. Some people consider it non-hygienic and shameful. Meanwhile, in ancient Egypt, a good blowjob was called the fate of the gods. Moreover, they did not attribute it to any exceptional erotic pose. Oral sex was an obligatory element of sexual intercourse.

In our time, a blowjob is not an obligatory element of sex, but men very like it. What about women? The benefit of oral sex for women has been proven a long time ago, and refutation of such evidence has not yet been found. So, why is it so useful?

There are a lot of women who just excited about such poses. It is enough for them, for example, to get up on their knees, to broaden their legs apart – and ready! In short, doing blowjob you can even feel orgasm. Or, at least, prepare yourself for it.

Oral sex is very important when you plan a pregnancy.

So, what’s the use of blowjob while planning a child? With oral sex alone by itself, you cannot get pregnant, but you can significantly contribute to this and consolidate the result. Oral sex, in this case, ensures the constant absorption of the partner’s DNA by a woman and, ultimately, sperm is no longer perceived as something strange, women’s body begins to take it.

Sexologists generally advise starting any sexual act with a blowjob. It is not obligatory to make the partner cum. It is enough for a few minutes to bring him pleasure with a tongue. This is doubly useful for women.

Oral sex makes relationships stronger.

Thanks to it, a relationship starts building on trust and understanding. Oral sex teaches you to enjoy the joy of a partner, which is important in a long-term marriage. Such a variety in the intimate life allows you to rekindle the passion again and again and save the marriage, excluding lie. Add another bit of extreme and it is in the bag. But do not forget that it is safe to do it only with a person you really know.