6 Ways to Improve the Technique of Oral Sex

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Oral sex, like any other occupation, is not loved by everyone. During cunnilingus, sometimes you have to drive thoughts about the unpainted ceiling, and during the blowjob to decide whether to look into the eyes and whether everything is right. Sexologists believe that women who do not like oral sex have to do what they do not like, because of what they are distracted. And the process becomes less enjoyable. At the same time, the most important thing is to let the partner understand that you want it, and in this situation it is impossible. Here are some tips on how to improve the technique of oral sex and your attitude towards it.

1. Make time for yourself

Do not immediately rush to the oral embrasure. Start with the preliminary caresses, inflame each other, try to make sure that both of you are distracted from the pressing problems and focus on pleasure.

2. Use your hands

Apply a little massage oil on them. You can start from the base of his penis, where there are many nerve endings, and his lips caress the head. Let the hands and lips move rhythmically and meet approximately in the middle.

3. Let go of all the excess

Concentrate on the process and think about what you like about it. For example, the fact that a partner is a great pleasure. Do not assume that you are performing a duty or providing a service, then it will be difficult for you to get involved in the process. Do not continue if you feel obligated or do not feel any excitement at all. Over time, the situation may worsen: do not want to be sexual at all or start thinking that your excitement is less important.

4. Let the feelings break out

If you like massage or aromatic oils – use them. Another way to get involved in the process is to offer him a pose 69, when you both give and take pleasure.

5. Turn on the fantasy

Although some people think that thinking about sexual fantasies during sex is a distraction from the process. But in many cases it just helps to get involved in the process and pull out the hidden desires.

6. Improve the process

Think about what he enjoys. Slip through his body, take up a sexual pose, figure out how to please yourself in the process. At the end, you can tell him a couple of pleasant words, embrace and feel that oral sex concerns two, and not one who enjoys.